E-quran tahfiez project

Youth Tahfiez Project October 2023

E-Quran Tahfiez Program presents a new program that is targeted to our young muslims. This is a program that will grant our kids the ability to memorize the book under the tutelage of qualified instructors and scholars. Asides memorizing the Qur’an, they will also memorize Tajweed books such as Tuhfatul Atfaal, etc.

Hurry now! Limited Spaces Available. This program will Inshaa ALLAAH be commencing by October, 2nd 2023

E-Quran Tahfiez Project Youth Program
E-Quran Tahfiez Project Program October 2023

Fall 2023 Application

E-Quran Tahfiez Program calls for admission for a new application that is targeted to all Muslims especially those who are in need of teachers of the Qur’aan in order to kick start their memorization journey or continue from where they had initially stopped.

This is a program that will grant students the ability to memorize the book under the tutelage of qualified instructors and scholars. Asides memorizing the Qur’an, you get to improve your Tajweed with practical applications from erudite instructors who know the rules of Tajweed.

E-Qur’aan Tahfiez Project also has a sisters’ exclusive memorize where they learn Tajweed books such as Tuhfatul Atfaal, etc.

These classes are done in Arabic, English and Local languages

Hurry now! Limited Spaces Available. This program will Inshaa ALLAAH be commencing by October 2nd, 2023

Solaah Times

Welcome to the E-quran
Tahfiez project

The E-Qur’an Tahfiez Project is aimed to provide Muslim adults an online platform and opportunity to achieve their dreams with the Qur’an, starting with the perfection of recitation, memorization, and implementation according to the understanding of the pious predecessors.

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Program Testimonials

“I am of the opinion that it is a privilege for me to be a beneficiary of the E-Quran Tahfiez project. Having been exposed to the rules guiding the reading of the Qur’an over the past few months, I tend to appreciate me pronouncing the alphabets/words better. Not only is the project involved in the recitation, memorization of the Qur’an but also ensuring a close connection with the messages in it.”

Abu Faidah

Abu Faidah

PhD student

“Quran Tahfiez has really encouraged and motivated me to stay on target with my memorization, as I was sceptical at first to do online classes, but Alhumdulillah the communication has been very clear and convenient. Would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing online classes”

Adam Bakry

Adam Bakry

Civil-Geotechnical Engineer/Msc

“The E-Quran Tahfiez project has given me the opportunity to continue the memorisation of the Noble Quran after a 20-month break. This was due to a change in my location and the difficulties of finding a teacher close by. The E-Quran class provides a viable solution to this problem and I am glad to be a part of it”

Abuu Hafs

Abuu Hafs


“This has been a very good program for me. Having a structured program like this has pushed me well enough to keep memorizing the Quran. The teachers have also been very supportive and understanding. I’m very happy to be part of this program.”



Behavioral Support worker

“E-Quran Tahfiez is just the best, it pushes me to take portions i would not take in a particular period. I’m moving so fast i can almost not believe it. May Allah bless the management and staff all together with Jannatul Firdaws. Aameen”

Akeem Yakubu (Aboo Hamzah)

Akeem Yakubu (Aboo Hamzah)

Junior Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program about?

Please refer to our Mission and Vision Statement as well as Program Objectives

How is the class delivered?

Classes are delivered via video conferencing at scheduled class times.

What is the current instructor to student ratio?

At the E-Quran Tahfiez Project, we try our best to give our students the best attention possible. All our classes have a maximum 1/10 teacher to student ratio even though most classes are between 1/3 and 1/6.

What is the mode of payment?

All payments are to be made according to the sliding scale and payment instructions. We also take advance payments for a maximum of three months.

How do you manage time difference in classes?

Our typical class spans up to 4 different time zones. The instructor and students agree on a working schedule for their classes convenient for most class members.

Who are the teachers at the Qur’an E-Tahfiez Project?

Our teachers are qualified Qur’an instructors with certifications from top scholars and universities in the world, including but not limited to Islamic University of Madinah, Islamic Online University, etc.

How much does it cost to be a student?

Our fees are very convenient and affordable. They can be found on our Fee Structure Page

I am no longer chanced to further the program, do I get a refund, and how?

Yes. Refunds will only be possible before the middle of the month. To facilitate
the refund, participants are advised to contact the program director via email.

Do you record the classes?

No. Our classes are conducted within the specified periods. However, should you miss any of the classes, participants are encouraged to meet with their colleagues for a possible update or contact the instructor for clarification.

Do you revoke the scholarship or any financial considerations?

In line with E-Qura’an Tahfiez regulations, the programme committee has the right to rescind the scholarship or financial considerations if one is found guilty of any of the following: Three(3) consecutive absences, poor participations, and inappropriate